How I Got Hooked On Young Orchids

Lavender Orchids

Hello fellow orchid lovers! Today I want to tell you the story of how I got hooked on young orchids. It all began with a dear friend of mine. She has the most beautiful garden I have ever seen! Often times we would sit outdoors, each of us enjoying a nice cup of coffee, and I would listen to her go on and on about her flowers. At first I thought it was so boring but I could feel that she really poured her heart into it. She talked with a kind of passion I have never seen before and even though I found it a bit silly, her burning passion eventually kind of “infected” me. I was growing seriously curious!

So I asked her…

She provided me with a couple of very young orchids and said to me: “Just give them love and show them you care. Their growth and beauty will reflect on the love you give”. Again, I had to hide a smirk. This was beyond corny! I was like “Susan, you really need a boyfriend!” – she frowned. I think she already knew inside that I wasn’t honestly taking her serious and she told me that she already has doubts about giving them to me.

And she was right. I tended the orchids – more so than my “normal” flowers. At first I thought I was doing everything right but over time they died and everything I tried just seemd to make it worse. I didn’t get it! Was it too much of that “love” Susan had talked about? Too little? The wrong kind of love? What the heck has happened all of a sudden? I spoke to Susan about it and she just shrugged, kind of coldly, and said “Told you so…”. I only just realized I had ridiculed a precious friend – made fun of her hobby – and I realized I only did it because I envied her for it. I apologized to her at once.

We talked a lot and well, long story short, I came to believe that everything Susan said was true: Orchids are a bit different than most flowers. They are sensible beings not only nurturing of the very soil you plant them in (well not exactly soil – but I will talk about that in a later post), but also on the love you give them.

Once again I was fired up and eager to try it again. Susan gave me another chance by providing me with new orchids and I believed that with her guidance I would succeed in raising these very young orchids into a bunch of superb beauties.

And that is how I got hooked on young orchids.

Now, I would be interested in your story! How did you get started with and attached to those lovely flowers? 🙂


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