How To Grow Young Orchids Indoors, Pt. 2

Blooming BeautyWelcome to part two of How To Grow Young Orchids Indoors! As promised, today we will talk about the second important prerequisite of growing orchids indoors: Humidity.

As much as orchids enjoy sunlight, they enjoy humidity, especially the wild types. You need to pay close attention to the humidity in which you raise your young orchids. But if done wrong – coupled with wrong placement – it can be fatal. If the orchid is exposed directly to the sun and there are drops of water on the leaves, those drops concentrate the sunlight and direct it to the leaf or petal. In result the plant gets scorched much faster and you often don’t even see it happen because the water covers the “wound”. Now, this applies to all plants but while many can easily survive that, a delicate orchid might not recover.

Water On LeafFor beginners it is sufficient to buy a simple water sprayer. Be generous with the water but don’t over do it, too. If you spray too much the water runs down the stem, sinks into the foundation which can result in rotting roots if the foundation is already saturated. More experienced growers often buy a hygrometer to monitor the humidity.

Many people say that orchids only bloom once a year but if you treat them right and pay close attention to all those important factors the flower will reward you with multiple blooming in a single year! This is an indicator of how comfy the flower feels. 🙂

I know, I know… there is so much you have to pay attention to – you can easily forget about something. But I can assure you: The effort and time it takes to learn it is totally worth it! Watching something grow fulfills me with deep joy and especially young orchids reward your care and love with their simple beauty! 🙂 Wrong handling of humidity and lighting were the major mistakes I made when I started out. I learned a lot and I advise you to pay close attention to all the factors that influence the growth of your little beauties.

Photos by zalgon and Cesar R.

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