Welcome To All About Mature And Young Orchids

Orchid .... sur nocturne ...Welcome to my blog all about young orchids!

Dear orchid lover,

if you found your way to this cozy little space on the web you are probably a passionate orchid lover like me! I intend to build a rich collection of information especially about young orchids. I think young orchids need special love and care so they can grow into the most beautiful things you can find on this planet. There are so many things you can do wrong which might kill your young orchids in its fragile childhood – so many things you need to look after. 🙂

About two years ago I was searching for help and guidance on how to take care of young orchids but I had been let down. Because I couldn’t find any quality material on that topic I did many mistakes. I want to share my knowledge with you so that you don’t make them!

You see, young orchids have a couple of special needs. Depending on their species they prefer different kinds of soils, potting, lighting, different amounts of water and – yes, i truly believe that – they even like to hear your voice!

From now on I will update this blog regularly to provide you, my fellow orchid lovers, with tons of free information on mature and young orchids.

Love, Jessie

P.S. This is my very first time putting content abount young orchids on the web so please bear with me if my style is kind of weird or something. I’m not a computer person. I would be very grateful for any kind of feedback, hints, tips or help!

Photograph by Christiane Michaud

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