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5 Simple Steps For Watering Young Orchids

plants need water to growOkay, first of all, a friend pointed out that aparently my writing style is not what is “common sense” in the blogging world. Most people seem to want short and pregnant chunks of information instead of reading someone’s brabbeling and pulling out the pieces of information. Well, if viewed from the perspective of my visitors it is probably right – I tend to talk alot. 😉 So I will try a different writing style with short pieces of easily consumable pieces of advices for you! Okay, on with 5 Simple Steps For Watering Young Orchids!

  1. First of all, check the moisture of the growing medium – is watering necessary?
  2. Prepare a container with water
  3. Then, carefully lift the young orchid together with the growing medium out of its pot.
  4. Holding the orchid over the sink, pour on water until the growing medium is nicely soaked – orchids need lots of water!
  5. The trick is to let the overage of water run into the sink.

If you follow these simple steps it is almost sure that your young orchids delicate roots don’t rot because all the water is held by the growing medium and can easily be consumed by the plant. Most people just pour on water while the orchid is still in the pot – that way the overage of water stays and can lead to root damage.

Photo by POSITiv.

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Neat Trick: Keep A Diary On Your Young Orchids

With Thee I WriteHere’s a quicky for the artistic orchid lovers! 🙂

A while after I started out raising young orchids developed into a hobby and a burning passion of mine. This is when I started to keep a journal on my flowers. I started to write down how I watered them, which growing mediums I used, stuff I learned about the different species I learned, etc. Sometimes I add pictures I take or do some rough sketches.

Today those journals are very benefitial to me. First, they let me go back in time and re-read which mistakes I made. Through the writing I was forced to focus on what I did exactly. It helped my stay consistent with watering, fertilizing, potting etc.

Thanks to that I can now put some blog posts on the web and hopefully keep fellow orchid lovers like you from doing the same mistakes. Second, it’s a beautiful picture gallery of flowers I owned that I can take with me everywhere and show to people!

Maybe you like that idea and want to keep an orchid journal yourself? 🙂

Personally I use Moleskines but anything goes, of course. To be honest, they are very expensive but that’s what makes them valuable. It’s not just another notebook I jot down any junk that comes to mind – I decide very carefully on what to put in there and especially how. 🙂

Photo by Bob Bob AuBuchon.

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How To Grow Young Orchids Indoors, Pt. 1

Orchids with chelloMany of you probably want to raise their young orchids indoors! So today I will tell you a couple of things you need to know if that’s what you want to do!

Last time we talked about how the right growing medium is so important for young orchids. We also learned that it is not always soil that is neccessary, so instead of calling it soil, we call it “growing medium”, or foundation. The foundation is an important part of an orchid’s habitual environment but not the only one – The right lighting and the perfect amount of humidity are important too!

So, if you want to grow orchids indoors you better start finding a good place to put them!

Let’s start with lighting. Like most other plants, orchids like sunlight but it can be deadly for them to be exposed directly to it. Direct sunlight scorches the leafs and petals just like we get sun burns from too much exposure. But we still enjoy and need the sun, don’t we? Yep, and so do they! 🙂

Now, you need to find a well-lit cozy place where the young orchids would fit in neatly. During the first couple of days watch the orchids very closely. If the leaves start to turn brownish they are getting too much exposure – time to try a shadier place! If you keep that up you will soon find the perfect place. Also note that young orchids often don’t need as much light as more mature ones. As your orchids grow you will have to adjust the lighting or they might not bloom anymore.

Again, it’s a good idea to look into the background of your orchid. Some orchid hybrids are more robust than others. For instance, there are types that are perfect for the living room and some that are perfect for the hall. I can’t stress how benefitial it is to do some upfront research!

To give an example, my mother keeps her mature ones in the big window of our living room and the young orchids in the slightly shadier bedroom window. Places like that are often just perfect! Tomorrow we will talk about humidity. Again, I hope I could help you a bit. Please let me know what you think! I’m very excited about this whole blog thing. 🙂

Photo by tinyfroglet.

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