Fungus Threatens Your Young Orchids – Lesson Learned

mold soilMost beginners water their orchids in a wrong manner and with young orchids this can be very fatal. If you are new and don’t water them in the manner I showed you in one of my previous posts it is very likely that there will be an excess of water left in the pot. Apart from root damage this can lead to fungus growth on the growing medium. While most plants can easily live together with a small fungus many orchid species with tender roots and especially young plants can’t handle it.

Fungus can be easily identified if you take a very close look at your growing medium. Look out for small flake like structures, white or black dots or stuff that looks similiar to a spider web.

If this happened to your orchid, try to remove the fungus with some fungicide or it will most likely die. But wether you can save it or not, you learned a very valuable lesson: Watering is a crucial part in raising young orchids! Doing it wrong comes with many dangers.

Now that the post is written it sounds like a trivial matter but I stopped counting how often it happened to me until I learned the super cool watering technique I talked about in my previous post about watering young orchids. 🙂

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