Neat Trick: Keep A Diary On Your Young Orchids

With Thee I WriteHere’s a quicky for the artistic orchid lovers! 🙂

A while after I started out raising young orchids developed into a hobby and a burning passion of mine. This is when I started to keep a journal on my flowers. I started to write down how I watered them, which growing mediums I used, stuff I learned about the different species I learned, etc. Sometimes I add pictures I take or do some rough sketches.

Today those journals are very benefitial to me. First, they let me go back in time and re-read which mistakes I made. Through the writing I was forced to focus on what I did exactly. It helped my stay consistent with watering, fertilizing, potting etc.

Thanks to that I can now put some blog posts on the web and hopefully keep fellow orchid lovers like you from doing the same mistakes. Second, it’s a beautiful picture gallery of flowers I owned that I can take with me everywhere and show to people!

Maybe you like that idea and want to keep an orchid journal yourself? 🙂

Personally I use Moleskines but anything goes, of course. To be honest, they are very expensive but that’s what makes them valuable. It’s not just another notebook I jot down any junk that comes to mind – I decide very carefully on what to put in there and especially how. 🙂

Photo by Bob Bob AuBuchon.

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