Choosing The Right Foundation For Young Orchids

Today I want to talk about something of high interest for beginners in raising young orchids – choosing the right soil, or as I call it, foundation.

Foundation? Why foundation?

Young Orchids On Moss

As with any plant it is important to choose the right kind of soil right from the start. Young orchids have especially delicate roots so you need to pick a kind that lets the orchid grow its roots but on the other hand it needs to be dense enough to support the tender plant and take in moisture – or the roots will start to rot! If you want to know what kind of soil is best for your young orchids you need to look into where it originally came from. It’s best explained with an analogy:

Johnny loves fish (no not for food!). The sheer beauty of some fishes leave him in deep awe and he decides to keep some in a fish tank at home. Johnny would now go and decided what kind of fishes he would like to own but he can’t do that randomly. The fish have an original environment and you need to copy that environment as best as possible or they would die.

Makes sense? Yes, I thought so. 🙂

It’s all about habitual environment!

Orchids On The Rocks

It’s the same with our young orchids. It wants to live in the soil it is used to. Now, I can’t give you a detailed explanation of what kind of soil each orchid would like, that’s way beyond my scope, but I would suggest you talk to a professional gardener about that or get a book on this topic.

By the way, did you know that most orchids don’t grow in usual soil? There are kinds of orchids that prefer to grow in sands or on bark. That’s because those orchids grow on the bark of trees in their natural environment.

My advice is that once you decided for the kind of orchid you would like to grow, go and do some research upfront. If it is necessary you can purchase orchid mediums such as special kinds of rock (volcano rocks for instance), bark and so on. Just spare yourself lots of frustration and go that short extra mile in advance, especially with young orchids – you won’t regret it.

I hope you found that useful! More stuff coming soon.


Photos by wiccked, Chugy.

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  1. Nice bunch of Information, Jessie!
    I have never successfully grown young orchids, in fact I’m not able to keep mature ones from a store alive… maybe I’ll give it another try… 🙂

  2. Love the advice. Thank you.

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